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Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York?

A Dental Assistant plays a crucial role in any dentist practice and in the treatment procedures of patients in Brookhaven NY and greater New York. In fact, such a person enables the majority of procedures to take place in the dental room, and makes sure that all actions are performed successfully and in due time.

If you are thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant, the very idea that your help can improve the patient’s health and his or her mood or just make him or her calmer and more confident in the dental chair should make you feel proud! This article will guide you through the necessary skills and training required to become a dental assistant in Brookhaven NY. Significant education, training and study is required, however there are many accredited schools in Brookhaven NY and greater New York, such as those identified throughout this website.

What Educational Base You are to Obtain to Become a Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York?

Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY
It goes without saying that a person working in a health related environment should have a high level of education and training. It does not necessarily mean that a degree needs to be obtained. However, a license or a registration certificate for a Dental Assistant is an obligatory requirement, this can be obtained by undertaking relevant study at accredited schools and institutions in Brookhaven NY. One more important prerequisite for becoming a professional Dental Assistant is that you are to pass a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) examination or have minimum 2 years of experiencing in this field. Again, studying at relevant schools will help you prepare for such examinations, such schools can be found in Brookhaven NY or greater New York.

Some Useful Subjects to be Mastered to Become a Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York

As it was mentioned above, it is extremely preferred that a Dental Assistant has a medical educational background, i.e. he or she has taken courses on dentistry or dental assisting from accredited schools in Brookhaven NY or greater New York. In addition, the courses for dental technicians, dentists, dental therapists will bring more confidence in your performance as a Dental Assistant. However, the majors connected with social sciences and management will be of great help because working as a Dental Assistant you will need to provide non-medical services as well, like keeping patient treatment records and documentation, communication with the patients, and arranging the time schedule of the dental operators.

As you can see, there are many different courses available from schools in Brookhaven NY and greater New York. We suggest you take the time to research into the various courses and schools available to find the right opportunity for you.

Dental Assistant Schools in New York

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Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

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* Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


  • Dental Assisting
  • Medical Assistant
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Get a hands-on education at Lincoln Tech. Designed for today’s tough job market, our in-depth programs cover many fields including: Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Hospitality, Automotive Technology, HVAC Technology and Electrical Systems Technology. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.


  • Medical Assistant
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  • Medical Assisting
Advance your education with Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. We offer Associate in Occupational Studies degree programs in a variety of fields, including advanced personal training, clinical and administrative medical assisting, massage therapy, and surgical technology.


  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant
Locations: New York

New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, co-educational technical university offering over 50 Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs. As a leader in technical career education in southern New England, New England Institute of Technology (also known as New England Tech or NEIT) is committed to providing hands-on technological programs that prepare graduates for positions of leadership in the technical, industrial, business, and allied health communities. Most of our associate degree programs can be completed in as little as 18 months, and bachelor’s degree programs in as little as three years. Last year, over 3,000 students chose New England Tech for the hands-on laboratory and classroom training that provides the necessary skills to begin their technical careers.


  • AS - Clinical Medical Assistant
Locations: Warwick

Since 1977, Keiser University has provided quality student-centered, career-focused education. Keiser University Online offers degree programs online to prepare students for in-demand professions. Degrees are offered with a curriculum that is in pace with technology and workforce demand trends in business, criminal justice, health care, information technology and more. Our “one-class-at-a-time” approach allows busy students to focus on their education and balance the demands of work and family.


  • Associate of Science in Medical Assisting Science

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  • AAS-Medical Assistant Management
Locations: White Plains

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  • Medical Assisting
Locations: Vestal
Advance your career with an education from Mildred Elley. We offer a variety of degree and certificate programs for careers in the business, health, legal, computer, beauty, and travel industries.


  • Medical Office Assistant-CERT
  • Clinical Medical Assistant-CERT
Locations: Pittsfield

Get hands-on training with Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute. Our campuses in New York and Connecticut can help give you career training in a wide variety of fields, including accounting, cosmetology, criminal justice, electrical systems technology, HVAC, IT, legal assisting, massage therapy, allied health, office administration, and more.


  • Medical Assistant - Day
Locations: Poughkeepsie

Skills Necessary to be a Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York

The profession of a Dental Assistant’s and Dentists in general includes multiple tasks, which sometimes are carried out simultaneously. Moreover, medical environments always presupposes certain emotional stress both for patients and clinicians. That is why ability to handle stress is one of the most important prerequisites for a Dental Assistant. Some of additional skills that a Dental Assistant should possess include:

  • Good communication skills (to enable fruitful cooperation between the clinician and the patient);
  • Confidence and calmness (to make the patient feel comfortable in a tense situation);
  • Attention to detail (to ensure fast and correct performance of the required procedures); and
  • Integrity (to ensure confidentiality for the patient’s personal information).

Daily Activities and Job Duties for a Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York

Obviously, a Dental Assistant should be able to take care of numerous tasks during the working day. No doubt, the major one is ensuring successful services and treatment for the patient. However, a professional Dental Assistant is to pay attention to the following duties as well:

  • Assistance in the dental treatment of the patient;
  • Keeping the treatment records and documentation connected with the treatment process, as well as the medical history of a person;
  • Communication with the patients in regard to the appointments and visits to the dental room;
  • Taking care of the patient’s preparation for the dental surgery or examination;
  • Assistance during the dental operations or surgery including the instruments’ preparation, their sterilizing and passing them to the dental surgeon during and after the operation;
  • Arranging the clinician’s working schedule;
  • Organizing the cooperation between the clinician, other medical and non-medical institutions, and the patient; and
  • Arranging the maintenance of the dental facilities.

The extensive list of activities and duties above may looks daunting, however undertaking relevant education and training from schools and education providers in Brookhaven NY and greater New York will help prepare you for your career as a dental assistant.

Career Opportunities and Earning Potential of a Dental Assistant in Brookhaven NY and Greater New York

It is not a secret that the dentistry sector is one of the highest paid within the health care field. As a result, one can conclude that a professional Dental Assistant has a great chance to earn a good salary. According to the United States BLS in 2010 the average salary for a Dental Assistant was about $33,470 per year.

Undertaking relevant study, education and training is an excellent way to improve your earning potential. Relevant education from accredited schools in Brookhaven NY and greater New York is highly regarded and sought after.

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